“Healthy Living” Plus

There is a section of The Arizona Republic, http://www.azcentral.com, published on Fridays, entitled “Healthy Living”, edited by Connie Midey.  It’s a good, practical read.  I appreciate the balance and variety of articles.  Today, many people do their own research for making healthy decisions, as a complement to or independent of the medical advice they may receive from a physician.  We know that 80% of those who use the internet, use it in part for seeking information regarding health, according to a Pew research study in 2011.  So, it makes sense for the newspapers to feed that interest, as well.

One aspect of the weekly section is that, in addition to the usual doctors’ column, it has a section on “mind, body + soul”.   That’s a wonderful broadening of solutions when thinking about one’s health.  Recently, it provided tips on adequate sleep, exercise and the avoidance of inactivity.  Those are helpful tips from which we can all benefit.  It also spoke of the happiness that can come from pursuing learning throughout one’s life.

My own life-long learning, beyond my college and graduate degrees and everything my children taught me while raising them, has come from working to gain a more spiritual sense of consciousness and not think that the world begins and ends with me, or my body.  Instead of thinking of my body as just a collection of organs and functions, I like to think of my body as identity, in its broadest term.   Not a physical depict, but the actual qualities and attributes that I have learned to express throughout my life.  My hands don’t mean much as hands per se, but they are invaluable when taking hold of a child’s to help them cross the street safely.  The same is true for my arms’ when they embrace someone who is afraid.   In such moments, I have allowed my consciousness to be infused with the sense of love for others, which involves what some might call mind and soul, or I would consider as an individual expression of universal love.

I look forward to this “Healthy Living” section to expand the dialogue around health in its broadest reach and to incorporate the fullness of soul, and mind, and body beyond the physique alone.  Glad the discussion is on the table and grateful to our state’s main newspaper for undertaking such a far-reaching topic.

One thought on ““Healthy Living” Plus

  1. I totally agree; when mind, body, and spirit are interconnected – you feel your best.; when they aren’t – you feel sick, angry, negative,depressed etc. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

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