Why is it that we give thanks?  Because there is an innate sense of love for good, and appreciating someone else, or something meaningful, brings that to the surface.  My own experience with showing gratitude breaks a sense of burden.  I know of someone who had a very responsible position and some days when arriving at work the stack of imponderable challenges facing him seemed paralyzing.  But he learned to leave those challenges for a moment and visit an employee whom he wished to genuinely thank for his or her work contribution.  Afterward, returning to his office, my friend found that the challenges were not a burden and the issues would begin to flow, like getting the first log in the jam to align with the current and move downstream.  Gratitude always broke the heaviness and a quiet joy would return to his day.

For me, this individual’s example is based on the teaching of the master Christian, Christ Jesus.  He gave two commands: to love God, divine good, and to love one’s neighbor, mankind.  What better way to show one’s love for their neighbor than to be grateful for them.  The more of this I do, the sense of burden and false responsibility in my life lessens.  For this clear principle, I am endlessly grateful.

A joyous Thanksgiving to all.

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